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I worked with Maria for the first time to find a model in Vegas to work our booth at the 2007 Mr. Olympia Expo. Not only was she easy to work with and extremely nice and professional, but she found one of the best models we've ever worked with, Andrea M.! Maria was always on top of things, and she communicated everything to the model that she needed to know. She went above and beyond in helping me find someone, as one of our models got sick, so we needed a quick replacement. Maria was on it every day looking for me, and she came up huge.

I'm looking forward to working with her again in the near future. Highly recommend Maria's Angels!

Bob Corbett

Tradeshow/Events Manager
Optimum Nutrition/ABB
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Register Magazine is very proud to be working with Maria DeMartino! She has an eye for talent and we trust her judgment when it comes to submitting new girls for the Cover of Register Magazine.

We recognized that Maria does and excellent job preparing her models mentally as well as physically so they can successfully fulfill their obligations with any company that they are booked with.

Maria thank you for your professionalism and we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

James Gresh (Owner & Editor)
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My company has been working with Maria DeMartino for over 2 years now. Maria's innovative thought process and great work ethic makes her very easy to work with. Maria has contributed many successes to RT Web Designs and I am honored to be working with such an honest individual like her. It is refreshing to see another business minded person like Maria who is successfully striving to DO GOOD BUSINESS in the industry!

Kristopher Howard (President)
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Mike Esterman:

I have been working with Maria for a few years now.First as an Agent Booking Maria and Laura DeMartino for appearances,and Now working with her models as they develop into Published and Bookable models. She is Honest and reliable and we have a great working relationship.

Mike Esterman
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It is a wonderful opportunity to be shooting for Maria's Angels! Maria's taste for sexy women sets the benchmark for models on the East Coast. Don't let her gorgeous looks intimidate you, she has always been very courteous through our conversations and that only makes me more excited to work with her. My first shoot with one of her Angels has been a great experience as well, she was professional, experienced, and more eye candy than you can handle in one session! I wish these Angels the most success and look forward to a very prosperous relationship with them in the future!

Tony Yang / Yang Studios
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TAYLOR HERSH "I am one of the newer angels! I only met Maria a few months ago, when I became one of Maria's Angels.
In that short time I have met so many wonderful girls, and booked several jobs through Maria. She is such a genuine, down-to-earth, honest person, and I am so happy to be one of her girls.

Some of the jobs she's gotten me include lingerie catalogs, card dvd's, boxing events, hosting club events, and an upcoming spread in MMA magazine!

In just a few months, she's helped me more than I could have imagined to be possible. Working with the angels is such a positive experience. All the girls I've met are so sweet and truly beautiful inside and out. I think what Maria is doing is such a great thing...and she's an amazing manager!"
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NIC DAYTON-"Like Adree I have also been with Maria since the very beginning. It has been a great ride and Maria has introduced me and helped mold me into the modeling world. With experience as a child model, i have always known that modeling and hopefully one day acting was something i want to make a career out of. Maria has guided and helped me with so much. Being an angel is awesome, whether it be an appearance, a shoot or a publication Maria has been there one hundred percent making it all happen. She landed me my first publication with sports magazine MMA and in January i will be shooting for my first feature in Maxim Magazine. Thanks to Maria my career as a model is prospering day by day."
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SHANA MARIE- "I was honored to have joined the angels when the company first began. What started as a small and successful group has blossomed into a major entity in the modeling industry in such a short time. The group has really taken flight in the last year and I am excited to be a part of what the future holds for Maria's Angels. As anyone in the industry would know, starting out in this business is no small task. However, knowing someone with the clout and insight that Maria possesses helped me get to the next level in my modeling career. Maria is savvy, professional, and has left a strong mark on the modeling industry. One of the things I appreciate most about Maria is her willingness to pass on her trade secrets to all the angels. I look up to her as a mentor and a role model. Maria's has a countless number of contacts with some of the best photographers and editors in the industry and the most popular magazines in the nation such as FHM, Maxim, and Stuff. Most recently Maria was instrumental in getting me my first feature magazine publication in MMA magazine. Maria embodies professionalism and with her industry contacts, I know I can accomplish anything I seek to do. This year you will see the angels all over the place! Not only can I contact Maria for job opportunities, but she is there for so much more. Whether its tips and advice about the right outfits to wear at a photoshoot/modeling event, or helping me choose the best photographers to shoot with, Maria is always there. She always looks out for the safety of her models and protects us from the potential dangers and pitfalls of the business. In this industry it is often difficult to know who to trust and who to stay away from, and knowing that Maria is my manager is like having a guardian angel always watching over me."
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LISA HART "I've always wanted to model, and being introduced to Maria was the best thing that has happened to me. She has really helped me on so many levels. From hair & make-up tips, to her getting me photoshoots with the finest photographers in the business. I was one of the first girls brought on to Maria's Angels & I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing development. The biggest thing in my career so far was when Maria scored me my first magazine cover for Register Magazine!! She also got me published in MMA Sports Magazine, which is a huge deal for me, being that I love the sport so much. In all aspects of my modeling career, Maria has guided me in the right direction and always looks out for my best interests. I have been blessed to be taken under the wing of one of the industry's greatest managers, Maria DeMartino."
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It wasn't until very recently I decided I would like to try persuing Modeling, since people would always tell me I have "the look." My family and friends support me in everything that I do, which is extremely important to me. Since I can remember they have always joked around with me asking, "Did Hollywood call?", or "Are you famous yet?"

So I finally met up with a local photographer (Frank Carbonari) and had some great pictures taken. I had hardly any make-up on, he used natural lighting, and they were not edited when he pulled them up on the computer screen and I remember thinking to myself, "Is that me?" Almost right after that, I came across Maria DeMartino's MySpace page and went to her sites. I submitted myself into the contest for and basically went back to whatever else I was doing and almost forgot about it. But I was quickly reminded the next day when she emailed me that I was pulled out of the contest and officially an angel. I was very excited and somewhat shocked. Within a month she helped me get my biggest booking yet with Maxim Magazine. Maria is now my manager and being that she is a model herself she offers great help and advice.
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ADREE DESANTI......."I am proud to say I have been with Maria's Angels from day one when it began. All of the girls have their own unique qualities and traits that make them beautiful and very sought after. Maria is trustworthy and professional....I am proud to have Maria in my corner. For alot of girls just getting into modeling there is much you can learn from the other girls and it's another promotional tool you can use to help get yourself out there. Good luck ladies"
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Staff Photographer
Rich Cutrone Many of you may have heard of him or may have seen his images. He takes an ordinary girl and makes her amazing. Not only are we glad to have him on our team but we have him as a friend. He attends all our parties and event and is a team player. Check out the Angels to see some of his work. We only work with the best ,Thats why we had to have Rich Cutrone in our corner.
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Staff Photographer:
Louis Peryera
A new addition to Maria's Angels. He May have just been contracted for work but I have know him as well as his wife Katya for several years now.
We welcome them to the Angels Family. Currently hired and contracted to shoot for several of our clients.
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Staff Photographer

James Weber
James specializes in High fashion and is a fantastic new addition to the angels company. He will add a new dimension to what is already a phenomenal line up of photographers. I knew James way before he was a full time professional photographer and photographed Vida Guerra before she became famous. Now he shoots for well know retailers such as Macy's and other High end retail lines as well as many magazines. Welcome to the family James.
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I know you might ask what it is that I do. I'm a model developer and manager and now recently adding agent as well as photo producer. I re-vamp your look if its needed and I also set you up with a shoot. I don't charge a fee and I don't ask you to pay me anything at all.We can look at what direction you would like to go in and set up steps to achieve that. If you are with a company that charges a registration fee or tell you that you need to spend a thousands on a portfolio of some sort they are not legit. I'm a trust worthy person and don't affiliate myself with people in this Biz who may not be on the up and up. By having me in as a guide I can help you into modeling and hopefully by pass all the mistake I had made when I started out. We are a family of models and we cheer each other on.If you are not the type of person to get along with other girls or the type to gossip or be envious..then is is not the company for you. I hope you will apply and join our family. Together we can develop you to your fullest potential and there is no telling how far you can go. I will always be in your corner :-) ~Maria(Angel Mom) My say is "Things don't just happen,You have to make them Happen"
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Welcome to Maria DeMartino's Angels!

You will see the hottest girls in the industry on this site personally selected by Maria DeMartino herself. Each Angel has her own unique look and personality that makes these girls very desired to work with by all. Maria will be hosting model searches looking for her next Angel so stay tuned! These Angels have wings!!!

"I am very pleased to bring you Maria's Angels! I am always looking for new Angels that have a great look with a personality to match it. This business takes alot of hard work, determination & dedication to achieve your goals! I have several years of experience & industry secrets to share but only you can answer if you think you have what it takes to be an Angel."

Maria DeMartino (Owner of Maria's Angels)
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Andria Lea on her trip to NJ as a model search Finalist

I recently traveled to New Jersey for the Maria's Angels Model Search Finals. I had a great time and it was a wonderful opportunity.All my travel expenses were covered and I was taken care of from the moment I arrrived, including private transportation to and from the airport and great hotel accomodations.

The morning after I arrived, Maria Demartino picked me up and we went to her home to meet the other 2 models and prepare for our photo shoot with James Weber. We were pampered with hair and makeup and offered choices of beautiful and classy lingerie to wear. Maria was very generous in providing acessories to make sure we looked our best and in making sure we were comfortable in what we were wearing. The shoot went wonderful, and the images I saw looked amazing. James is an incredible photographer, and I am so excited to have been able work with him and his assistant Larry. Maria provided breakfast and lunch as well, and made sure we didn't need anything! During hair/makeup and the photoshoot, we were filmed for an upcoming reality show by Justin from Bravo Media. Everyone was very professional and respectful, making sure to only get the best footage and images.

After the photoshoot Maria took my roommate Andrea, one of the other models, and I back to our hotel to prepare for the Maria's Angels Winner's Party at Deko Lounge. While we got ready we did more filming for the reality show. Maria gave us cute little tanktops that said "Marias Angels Model Search Winner" to wear at the party. We were picked up from the hotel in a limo and met some of the other Angels, Laura and Laura Leigh. We all had fun goofing off and taking pictures and filming on the way to the club. Once at Deko Lounge, we got the VIP treatment the entire time. It was so much fun dancing, and of course taking more pictures and film! I met more of the Angels that came out to support us and welcome us to the Angel family. Deko Lounge had a really cool atmosphere. Joelle, Andrea, and myself were announced as winners for the entire club to hear, and we were presented with our best image from the photoshoot that day- which we all loved. In addition, we found out that we would all be featured in an upcoming issue of RIX Entertainment Magazine. It was a great night and I really enjoyed meeting so many of the girls and making tons of new friends. Our limo then took us back to our hotel so we could get some rest before our flight the next day.

This was a great experience and I am very happy to have been a part of it, and have the opporunity to work with Maria's Angels in the future. I would recommend to any aspiring or estalished model to enter the model search. The opportunity to shoot with a world class photographer and to be a part of Maria's Angels are priceless. Maria Demartino has a wealth of knowledge, having been a model herself, and tons of industry contacts that will benefit her model's careers. Not only that, but she and the other Angels are all very nice and professional people- and very fun to be around!

Something funny that sticks out from my trip was goofing off with my roommate Andrea in our hotel room after the party. We got along great and were taping silly stuff with my video camera- her telling stories about crazy club chicks and me rambling about my fuzzy boots back home in my closet that I really wish I'd had at that moment. We also had security walk us to Walgreens next door so we could get snacks, which was an adventure in itself. Both Joelle and Andrea were awesome girls to be in the model search with and I will definitely stay in touch with both of them.

Thank you Maria for everything. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Andria Lea
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