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HTC Cosmetics (Updated on:21-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 174
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Heavenly Touch Cosmetics ,Our photoshoot experts make up the Beautiful Models of Maria's Angels.
Bloopers and funny Girls stuff! (Updated on:30-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 13585
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See Models Nic Dayton,Laura Leigh,Laura DeMartino,Danielle DeMarco on set of a catalog shoot. They make look serious in the images they produce but this video will show you the true goofy side of the Angels.
Tonya Jane's Video from Her trip to NJ (Updated on:16-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 372
Angel Tonya Jane
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Tonya Jane also won a trip to NJ to shoot with Maria's Angels. Her trip was sponsered by Deko Lounge. You will behind the scenes footage of tonya andnher shoot,hair and Makemup as well as where to find the swimwear the girls are wearing.
Nikki Model Search Winner Interview (Updated on:13-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 157
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West End Trends Clothing and Swimwear (Updated on:21-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 99
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A MUST SEE!!! WATCH THIS HOT VIDEO! One of our clients West End you will see behind the scense footage of The girls we used to shoot 3 pieces of their swimwear. Nikki DuBose,Tonya Jane and Jbunny...all on the Maria's Angels Model Search Photo Shoot. Photographer:Ray Perez Make up
Deko Lounge Model Search Party #2 (Updated on:13-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 20527
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See some of the hottest girls in the USA who competed to win a photo shoot and fly to NJ for thier party at Deko Lounge in NJ
Nic Dayton on set (Updated on:30-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 447
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Check out Model Nic Dayton one set of a Catalog shoot. You can book her for your event or to shoot with and represent your products. Also Check out Nic in the April 2007 Edition of Maxim Magazine with Fergie on the cover.
The Angels at Le Club Nuit in Long Branch NJ (Updated on:24-Feb-2007)
Downloads : 360
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Model Lisa's photo shoot (Updated on:22-Jan-2007)
Downloads : 102
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Behind the scenes on Lisa Harts shoot.
Limo Ride and Deko Lounge Bathroom (Updated on:13-Mar-2007)
Downloads : 411
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Listen to some audio of the Model Nikki Tonya and Karen at Deko Lounge and in the limo Ride home. Angels Have the Best times!
Maria DeMartino's photo shoot Jan 20th 07 (Updated on:20-Jan-2007)
Downloads : 301
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My angels Shana and Lisa came over for a great shot. I also did thier hair and make up and we had super fun shooting. As always with the super talented Rich Cutrone. Other footage coming soon.
Maria DeMartino on the Register Magazine Cover shoot (Updated on:17-Feb-2007)
Downloads : 272
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Take a look at some footage of Maria DeMartino who recently shot for Register Magazine Cover of April. Also check out the website and see some images and behind the scenes from the event. Who was there? Angels: Ashlee Lisa Maria and Adree GO ANGELS!!!
Behind the scenes on Shana Martinos shoot (Updated on:22-Jan-2007)
Downloads : 348
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Sexy shana's photo shoot here at Maria DeMartino's location.
Bloopers and Funny stuff!!! (Updated on:21-Jan-2007)
Downloads : 185
Lisa, Shana and Maria
High Bandwidth : View | Download (146.20 MB)
We love to be silly on our shoots. Please check out some small clips from our shoot on the 20th of Jan. Models Lisa, Shana and Maria with Rich Cutrone.
Britagne K on her Photoshoot (Updated on:12-Jan-2007)
Downloads : 101
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